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About Me

I live a digital nomad lifestyle, so I’m always meeting new people and naturally getting asked, “What do you do?” Unfortunately, I don’t have a simple answer. I’m an entrepreneur, and businessman. Therefore, I do a lot of different types of work, depending on what needs to get done.


I started OklaMedia, a marketing, development and advertising company in 2015. Three years after starting OklaMedia, I launched Angry Axe, an axe throwing business. I brought in some partners and we opened two other locations. I then helped my wife launch a nail salon in Russia. When COVID-19 hit, we decided to exit the retail industry. We sold everything to focus on location-independent work.

Me and two partners launched a brand selling Amazon eCommerce solutions in the private label wholesale space. That venture opened the door to working within the business opportunity and franchise industry.

Over the years, I’ve worked on different types of businesses from texting platforms, online marketplaces, SaaS apps to retail shops. All of this has led to what I do now.

Latest Projects

My latest venture is

Me and my business partner created this company to bring AI powered mobile iOS, and Android apps to the market for small businesses.  

In my spare time I enjoy having deep conversations about marketing, law, technical analysis, coding, learning languages, and traveling. Basically, I really just love learning and sharing information.

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Connect with me on Instagram