Hi, welcome to my site.

I love investing in exciting projects and advising/building businesses. I get to do a lot of that at OklaMedia, a marketing and advertising company I started in 2015. Three years after starting OklaMedia, I wanted to create a different kind of business, so I launched Angry Axe, an axe throwing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Angry Axe did well, so I brought in some business partners and opened 2 more locations. 

I’ve invested in many different types of businesses, from texting platforms, marketplaces, SaaS apps to retail shops. 

I like the freedom to work on projects that pique my interest.  Like helping my wife build a nail salon in Russia or teaching people how to build an online business from scratch. 

In my spare time I enjoy coding, learning languages, and spending time with family. I am also an avid reader. 

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