Chance Hawkins

Welcome to my website, below you will find links to my various projects, writings, and social profiles. 

I am a digital marketing strategist, consultant, and entrepreneur, but I’m also just a modern man that likes to create. I have a passion for adventure, coffee and travel…and the balance between “thinking” and “taking action”. I hate poverty, injustice, and foolishness, which motivates me to work hard. To learn more about my work and brands visit the links below. 


Tulsa’s first axe throwing club. I started Angry Axe to give people an opportunity to experience the thrill of throwing sharp objects in a safe and fun environment. I also built it for myself as a personal stress reliever.  

My partner Josh DeBoer and I created Oil Patch Marketing to provide the oil and gas industry with professional web development and marketing services.  

OklaMedia focuses on website development and full-service marketing management for my personal brands and select clients in need of custom marketing strategies. OklaMedia is also a service provider for other agencies.  

The Attorney Accelerator is a membership community for attorneys that want an edge on the competition. We teach marketing strategies, provide resources, and support for law firms of all sizes. 

A challenge to set yourself up for success by optimizing your weekends. We are building a community of weekend warriors that are goal-oriented, passionate, and willing to work hard in the time that they have to achieve their goals.  

txtCampaigns is an online texting platform that helps people send and manage mass SMS text. We also work with companies to create autoresponder campaigns and acquire cell phone numbers for marketing. 

ReportAudit is a service that evaluates the marketing reports for companies that are spending money on marketing, but do not know if they are moving forward or staying stagnant. We help companies. 


Why do you work on so many projects?

I enjoy creating websites, building teams, and creating products and services that people need to get to the next level in their life and business. Which is why most of my business endeavors solve the problems people have with their business strategies, marketing and outreach. I believe that we are all capable of doing many different things if we don’t limit ourselves based on social norms. Sure, I’m a marketer, but I’m also an axe thrower, programmer, breakdancer, etc. 

What are your future plans?

I like growth and I’m not afraid to cut what is holding me back, so in the next few months, I plan to simplify my work by cutting non-profitable departments and focusing on the areas in my life that are making the greatest impact. 

Do you have time to meet up?

If you are interested in learning more about me or my work, then please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love networking and connecting with like-minded people. I created this website because it made it easier to describe what I do with my time and it is a hub into my world. However, I would really love learning more about what it is that makes you  get up early in the morning and work late. If you are passionate and want to sit down for coffee to discuss ideas, strategies or marketing, hit me up below. 

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