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Pay-Per-Click companyThere are two core functions of marketing that we do each day.

1. Create Marketing Content (websites, emails, ads, graphics, articles, etc.)
2. Promote Marketing Content (SEO, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click, etc.)

Both functions are extremely important for success. There are people who are good at creating content, but never build much traction due to their lack of promoting skills. On the flip side, there are people who can promote, but who do not have the skill to create compelling content. We specialize in both the creation and promotion of marketing. One of the ways we promote marketing material is through Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

What are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads?

The search engines have two primary sections where they display listings for a search query. 80% of search engine users click on listings from the organic section. Which is why we focus a lot of our efforts on SEO so that we can help our clients rank high in the organic results. However, 20% click on listings from the paid section. Therefore, we also help our clients show up in the paid section through PPC ads. A PPC campaign is a lot different from traditional advertising because you only pay when a person clicks on your listing.

Why Would I Want To Do PPC?

Most of our clients are attracted to Pay-Per-Click for two reasons:

1. Pay-Per-Click can provide immediate traffic.
Unlike SEO, there is not much of a waiting period for the search engines. As soon as you set up your campaigns, declare a budget, and target keywords, you can start bidding on clicks. In order to optimize a PPC campaign you need data and that may take a few months to collect, but that does not hinder a client from buying traffic on day one.

2. The system scales very well.
If a client knows the conversion rate on a particular landing page and has the right profit margin, we can set the budget to accommodate the  acquisition cost for a new lead and scale extremely fast. I don’t know many clients who wouldn’t spend $30,000 per month on PPC to make $80,000 in profit. The key to success is to understand the numbers.


My team and I understand the PPC process and have the experience needed to make profitable decisions when it comes to budgeting, targeting keywords, ad creation, and landing page development. Pay-Per-Click isn’t an easy thing to learn and takes time to master. If you don’t have that kind of time, then let us help manage your PPC advertising. We have no long-term contracts because we are confident in what we do and know that you will be satisfied with the results. But if at any time you are unhappy with the results, you can fire us! It is practically risk free. So get in contact with us today, we would love to meet with you.