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Creating The Plan For Multi-Location Businesses

Each marketing channel has specific rules, strategies and systems for managing multiple locations and without proper implementation, individual locations could suffer. However, if you implement the right plan, each location will add value to the entire system.

8An improvement of just 7% per location each month will double the entire system in less than a year. These improvements must be planned, executed on, and then measured.

For example, Search Engine Optimization is one area where a 7% increase can be obtained, but it requires local strategies to improve the ranking of each location, without penalizing the primary company’s website or negatively tainting the brand. With proper technology and training, the local SEO results would get boosted by each location’s efforts.  The same could be said of social media, and local marketing campaigns.

So How Do You Create This Plan?

Building the right multi-location marketing plan will be customized for your specific business and situation. Too many factors come into play when putting together a strategic plan, so my  team and I have put together an evaluation process to develop and launch an multi-location strategy for your company.