Why Local Optimization?

Google maps takes up around 7 spots on the first page results (commonly known as the 7 pack). It is becoming the go to search engine for people looking for something near by. Maps aren’t just used for directions anymore, but also a way for seeking local information. To take advantage of this marketing channel, there are two important things a businesses must understand:

  1. How they are currently being represented on Maps and within the local results.
  2. How to control that representation through Google Places and on-page optimization to attract the most business and get high map rankings.

These are the beginner steps to local optimization. The first part is easy, it is the second part that some businesses don’t have the time or understanding to do it, but we do. There are many complicated factors that help play apart in local ranking.

If local optimization seems like more of a burden for you to do, let Digital Hawkins take that burden off of your shoulders. We know the more visibility your site can receive the better and strive to make that happen. And if you really want to pack a good punch to your competitors, local optimization and Search Engine Optimization combined can increase your visibility by having your site listed both in the maps and natural results. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Become A Triple Threat With Conversion Rate Optimization

What good is getting someone to your site if they don’t actually convert? The point of marketing your online presence is to somehow make a sell or generate a lead. It doesn’t matter if that is through someone buying a product, service, advertisement, etc, but no one likes to spend money if they aren’t getting something back in return. Let’s say you used SEO and local optimization to get your site ranking well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the best possible keywords/phrases, but you haven’t seen any of the desired results. That isn’t the job for SEO anymore since SEO only optimizes for the search engines. There is a different kind of optimization that needs to be done. It’s called conversion rate optimization. When there is a converting problem, Digital Hawkins goes in and analyzes visitor flow, content, bounce rate, and more to try and pinpoint the problems. Next, we set up A/B Testing to see if our analysis was correct. This could be by adding pictures to break up large chunks of content, adding/editing call to actions, fixing page flow, etc. After receiving the desired results from our testing, we implement those changes and track the success. SEO helps you list organically, local increases visibility by getting listed in maps and places, and conversion rate helps make all that effort worth while by converting visitors to customers. If you are interested in getting the whole package or if you are just interested in one piece of the puzzle, contact us today! We would love to help and consult on what options would be best for you.